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4 Beautiful Waterfalls Near Indianapolis for A Romantic Getaway

Are you looking to spice up your romantic getaway with fun outdoor activities? If so, you’ve landed on the right blog! Today, we are going to share five of our favorite waterfalls near Indianapolis so you and your significant other can enjoy a leisurely hike during your time in Zionsville, IN. Pack your favorite hiking shoes, a camera, and get ready to discover hidden gems that will make your senses swoon. Read on, take notes, and start planning your vacation today! 

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Rekindle Your Romance with a Scenic Waterfall Hike Near Indianapolis

Cataract Falls 

Of all the waterfalls near Indianapolis, Cataract Falls is by far the most popular. Not only is it a great spot for hiking, but it offers stunning views of the water, which makes for a romantic picnic spot for you and your better half. Cataract Falls, both upper and lower, are considered the largest in volume in the whole county and even feature a 30-foot-high drop! 

McCormick’s Creek Falls 

McCormick’s Creek Falls is made for nature lovers. Follow trail 3 and get ready to spot the beautiful cascade waiting for you at the end! A great view is the ideal reward for travelers looking to enjoy a rejuvenating hike. If you are not up for hiking, rest assured that the waterfall is easily accessible from the parking lot.  

Anderson Falls 

If you’re in the mood for a relaxing getaway into nature to forget about your daily worries, then Anderson Falls is for you. These falls might not be the most impressive (less than 15-feet tall and 100 feet wide) but they are certainly a sight to behold, especially because they look lovely and full in every season! 

Falls Park 

Finally on our list is Falls Park. This beautiful outdoor area is right outside of the city in the town of Pendleton and features 130 acres of lovely walking paths and scenery. In addition to the gorgeous waterfalls, you can relax by the pond and even enjoy some fishing!

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