Couple having a stroll in the spring in Indianapolis

What Are the Best Outdoor Activities to Enjoy This Spring in Indianapolis?

Spring is an exciting time to get away. You can wave goodbye to the cold winter months and marvel at the blooming flowers as warmer days arrive. If you are looking to take a vacation near Circle City in March, April, or May and need help creating an itinerary, Brick Street Inn has you covered. In this blog, we’ll share three of our favorite things to do in spring in Indianapolis. Read on, take notes, and get ready to celebrate this special season in style. 

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How to Experience Spring in Indianapolis 

Go Hiking 

One of the best ways to celebrate the beginning of spring is to enjoy nature and the outdoors. Zionsville is a lovely town only 20 minutes north of Indianapolis that boasts beautiful state parks, so you can pack your comfiest shoes and go for a scenic hike. One of our favorite places to explore is Starkey Park, which features 80 acres of pristine forest with many hiking trails that will satisfy hikers of all skill levels. 

Visit the Indianapolis Zoo 

Another must-do in the springtime is visiting the Indianapolis Zoo. This fabulous facility is great for those wanting to explore beautiful grounds and fascinating exhibits at the same time. The zoo is open year-round from Monday to Sunday (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays during the months of January and February. Get ready to travel the world in less than two hours as you marvel at some of the most beautiful animal species from around the globe! 

Stroll the White River Gardens 

While you’re at the Indianapolis Zoo, why not take some time to stroll through the gorgeous White River Gardens? Spring is the most colorful season of the year, and you’ll get an up-close look at its beauty in these botanical gardens. Stroll through the 3.3-acre landmark and breathe in the sweet smell of flowers, then explore the lavish and tropical Hilbert Conservatory. Don’t forget to make stop by the DeHaan Tiergarten and butterfly kaleidoscope!

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