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What Is The Best Hotel To Stay At For March Madness?

Are you planning to attend the 2021 March Madness tournament this year? You’re probably already browsing the best places to stay around Indianapolis, and we know it can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not from the area. We want to help. Read on and discover why Brick Street Inn is the best hotel to stay at for March Madness and treat yourself to a fun game day as well as a relaxing stay! 

Learn more about all the wonderful things Zionsville, IN, has to offer during your stay. Download our free Vacation Guide and get access to exclusive local knowledge! Inside, you will find our favorite recommendations for top-notch restaurants, events, shops, museums, outdoor activities, and more. 

4 Reasons Why Brick Street Inn Is the Best Hotel To Stay At For March Madness 

1. Convenient Location 

One of the biggest reasons why Brick Street Inn is the best hotel to stay at for March Madness is the proximity to all tournament locations:

Our beautiful boutique hotel is less than 30 minutes away from Indianapolis, which makes it an easy and quick ride after the game ends! We are also conveniently located only an hour from West Lafeyette and an hour and a half from Bloomington.

You can enjoy many activities throughout the day and still have time to drive to your game without having to stress about planning to be there hours ahe

2. Luxurious Rooms & Amenities 

All 8 of our rooms are elegantly decorated with beautiful wood furnishings, rich color and fabrics, high-end mattresses, and modern amenities. You’ll particularly enjoy the collection of luxurious bathroom products along with the convenient shower and tub combo that will help you relax after a long day of watching basketball. 

3. Complimentary Gourmet Breakfast 

Nestled inside the Brick Street Inn, Auberge Restaurant & Bar brings French-inspired cuisine to Zionsville. Each nightly stay at Brick Street Inn comes with a delicious and gourmet breakfast from Auberge! Some of our favorites include Eggs Benedict, Blueberry Lemon Crepes, and the Quiche of the Day.

eggs benedict from Auberge
blueberry lemon crepes
Quiche of the Day

4. Zionsville Village

Why stay outside of Indianapolis you might ask? Well, for the exclusive added value you can enjoy when you stay at our inn! Indeed, although you’re barely outside of the city limits, you get to enjoy much better rates, higher quality service, and the charm of Zionsville Village. Spend your free time perusing locally owned shops, indulging in local cuisine, and exploring the trails within walking distance from the inn. Did we mention that we are home to one of the top French-inspired restaurants, Auberge? Artfully crafted brunch, lunch, and dinner offerings are made from locally sourced ingredients under the creative direction of Executive Chef Peter-Paul Meyer. If you wish to treat your taste buds during your travels and dine in an elegant and stylish setting, then Auberge is the ideal place for you and your party. Discover iconic French staples, like Bouillabaisse, Moules Marinières, Duck, Beef Bourguignon, and mouthwatering desserts, like Crème Brûlée, Pavlova, and Profiteroles.

Brick Street Inn Awaits Your Arrival 

Now that you know all the advantages of staying at Brick Street Inn when visiting for this year’s March Madness tournament, it’s time to make your trip happen! You have your tickets, but what about your room? Browse our selection of accommodations today and pick the one you prefer! Make sure to check our specials and packages to add some pampering to your stay, and call to make a reservation at our French-inspired restaurant, Auberge, to treat your taste buds to a delicious evening.  

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