Our Top 4 Zionsville Restaurants

Restaurant table in Downtown Zionsville, IN

Our Top 4 Zionsville Restaurants

One of the big questions every traveler has when visiting a new place is where to find great food. After all, eating delicious meals makes for a better overall experience. We’ve created a list of some of our favorite restaurants in downtown Zionsville, IN, so you can come visit us and let your taste buds travel along with you. Read on to discover the four spots we chose and check out their menu! 

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You Can’t Go Wrong With These Restaurants in Downtown Zionsville, IN


Our favorite restaurant in downtown Zionsville is by far Auberge. Our in-house French restaurant offers excellent food in a delightful setting. It’s at the heart of downtown, but its slightly tucked away location gives you enough privacy and an intimate atmosphere away from the crowd. We pride ourselves on providing our guests with top-notch service and high-quality food. Come enjoy fine French dining and mouth-watering deliciousness you can’t get enough of. Some say it’s one of the best places to enjoy French cuisine! The decor boasts a modern, sleek, black-and-white palette, which makes for a sophisticated dining experience. We also have an outdoor sitting area with throw blankets for the colder months. Order a glass of wine and enjoy the cafe-style ambiance it provides! 

Cobblestone Grill

After you’ve enjoyed a few meals at Auberge, why not try another downtown favorite? Cobblestone Grill is perfect for a cozy night out with your significant other. You’ll love the relaxing atmosphere of the Bourbon Room and the charm of the outdoor patio. Their dishes are filled with farm-to-table ingredients, all locally sourced and seasonal. Did you know they also offer a Sunday brunch? 

Noah Grant’s Grill House & Oyster Bar

Another one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Zionsville is Noah Grant’s Grill House and Oyster Bar. This one is a must if you’re craving seafood! Their oyster platters are exquisite, and they also offer a sushi menu if you’re feeling exotic. The menu also has meat options with delicious steaks and burgers, so don’t worry if your spouse or friend isn’t into seafood. 

Convivio Italian Artisan Cuisine

Last but not least, we had to feature an Italian restaurant. Convivio is one of the best in town and serves gourmet pasta dishes and other Italian cuisine staples. We highly recommend ordering their Rigatoni Funghi Salsiccia. It’s made with mushrooms, goat cheese, sausage, seared pancetta, Parmesan, and a creamy sauce made from heaven. Their food is highly influenced by the culinary traditions of the town of Liguria in North-Western Italy. It’s a trip for your senses you cannot miss!

Rest and Digest at Brick Street Inn

Now that you know where to go for lunch or dinner, it’s time to think about where to retreat. Brick Street Inn is the place to be if you want to stay downtown and enjoy a high-end lodging experience. Our inn provides comfort, elegance, and timeless charm. Picture yourself dreaming the night away in one of our rooms, rolling around on the plush mattress and luxurious linens, and enjoying the peace and quiet you rarely get at home. When you wake up in the morning, join us downstairs in our restaurant, where a mouth-watering breakfast awaits you. We cannot rave enough about our pecan French toast! 

Fall at Brick Street Inn